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Version 1.2.9 of Zidoo X9S

1,Added the 3D playback function of MVC MKV (support the MakeMKV tool and MKVmerge).
2,add the HDMI detect deception function.
3,add the usb audio enable/disable function.
3,Increased the buffer of DTS HD audio for the audio drop problem.
4,Forced the wifi reconnection once it lost connection.
5,Fixed the stutter problem when the video loaded a sort of very special subtitle.
6,Fixed some Ethernet problems.
7,Fixed the issue that VFD settings can’t be saved after hibernate.
8,Added and updated more languages.
9,Added a QuickSettings.
10,Added the root function.
11,Fixed a rare event that the resolution changes to 720P when the box boot up.

ZDMC: (version 16.4.12)
1,Removed the popup window when user quit the external playback.
2,fix crash problem when audio passthrough
3,fix the audio sync problem.

1,Fixed the issue that the video which fps greater than 24.5HZ is identified as 25HZ video.
2,Fixed the issue that sometimes the HDR doesn’t work.
3,Optimized the way to autoswitch.

1,Fixed the estimation error of free space when saving the recorded file.
2,Enhanced the effect of display from HDMI IN.
3,The video with Interlaced frames from HDMI IN could been displayed correctly.
4,Optimized the detection of writable property of path.

1,Delete the path of NFS and SMB after quit the Filemanager.
2,Resolved the crash when run a APP at the same time insert a U-disk.
3,Resolved the abnormal display of files when the NFS or SMB disconnected.
4,Resolved the crash when user view the bluray folder in NFS.
5,Resolved the crash when delete the files all-selected and at the same time the files list more than one screen.
6,When copy files,if the file size is 0,then the progress bar on account of the number of files.
7,Changed the progress bar of deletation.
8,Fixed the issue that can’t open the share folder.
9,Fixed the issue that can’t enter the SMB share folder if the folder’s name include a blank space.
10,Restored the funtion of hidden files.

Zidoo theater:
1,Added some prompts.
2,Optimized the series classfication.

Mediafire mirror:http://www.mediafire.com/file/qrf8pfi7oih2cgg/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.9.zip
Amazon mirror:http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/X9S/OTA/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.9.zip

How to upgrade:http://www.zidoo.tv/Support/guide/guide_target/7kv1voas1D1KKmVViAFMcQ==/guide_faq/CN6lY0XMyIg=/faq_page/9nCdOWqz+dw=.html

If you want to use zdmc to manage the files, such as delete/copy file in zdmc, you must uninstall the OLD ZDMC then re-install this version. we add a system signature for this version.

Onekeyroot for X9S:

Hdmi Deception for X9S:

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9S V1.2.7   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 30-11-2016



1,More tips added in the desktop interface.
2,The mouse cursor style changed into a better one.

1,The offset of subtitle will only valid for once.
2,AutoFrameswitch added 30fps and 60fps.
3,If the movie is paused,press the menu key will not resume the playback.
4,When searching the subtitles,the system will make it a priority to search the subtitles in default subtitle language setted in system advanced settings.The lower priority is system language.The lowest is English.
5,Removed Force SD audio setting.
6,Removed the auto-identify of MKV’s MVC.(We now rewriting this part)
7,Bookmarking function is open as default.
8,Press OK to play from the beginning when resuming playback from bookmark.
9,3D playback tips added.

1,Immediately sync after copy or delete.
2,A button to return to top added.
3,A wrong error report when add&remove the directory in Russian language fixed.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9S V1.2.6   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 26-10-2016


Issues Fixed:
1,The playback of video get stuck after aging test of audio playback, which is in the situation that the box connected to receiver meanwhile the HDMI out set to RAW.
2,Solved some VP9 4K@30p files has minor judder.
3,Video<Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon> shows green screen when playback.
4,Repeatedly playback through the tag of Html5, may lead to system crash and green screen.
5,Some Apks use for root were prohibited to install.
6,Failed to set FIX IP and PPPOE.
7,Unexpected restart happens when close the CEC.
8,Some 3D MVC MKV’s stutters on playback.
9,Sometime unexpected power on in spite of the CEC was off.(Must turn on then turn off the CEC function again.)
10,PPPOE failed to log in.

1,A Picture parameter adjustment function added to Setting of system and Native player.
2,A option that close the subtitle added to the native player.If you selected this option,the default subtitle setting will be “off” anyhow
3,A icon added in PiP window to mute audio.
4,The MP4 format added to record function in HDMI IN.
5,The arrangement of apps in the Apps list enriched,there are 3 ways which are alphabetical,installation time and usage frequency to reorder apps.
6,2160P50Hz mode added.
7,Frame rate auto switch 2160P50HZ added
8,Auto-switching to 3D mode for HALF 3D files,If the filename contains “3D” and “HSBS” or “HOU” or “HTAB” or “H.SBS” or “H.OU” or “H.TAB” or “H&U”

About Proper playing MVC MKV’s to framepacking,In completely rewriting about this, it takes some time.
Will add Aria2 and webui-aria2 in version v1.2.7

Mediafire mirror:http://www.mediafire.com/file/b3v0l8sdnzce57y/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.6.zip
Amazon mirror: http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/X9S/OTA/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.6.zip

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9S V1.2.4   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 10-10-2016

Hướng dẫn cập nhật Firmware ZIDOO X9S xem tại đâyhttp://www.zidoo.vn/huong-dan-ky-thuat/huong-dan-cap-nhat-firmware-cho-android-tv-box-zidoo-x9s



(1)Occasionally failure on the Auto OSD language setting (A CEC function).
(2)Occasionally invalidation on the Auto Power On From TV setting(A CEC function).
(3)Abnormally sound recorded from HDMI IN.
(4)Blurred or unstabble screen of a small number of the HDR videos.
(5)Some MVC MKV videos not that smooth.
(6)Black screen occur to some MPEG4 encode videos.

(1)The BT function issue fixed.

(1)Subtitle be trimmed when it be moved to the bottom of screen.
(2)Sometimes the 3D MVC videos displayed as 24Hz but not 23.976Hz in a certain condition.
(3)Some spelling mistakes of UI revised.
(4)DVD ISO can’t be controlled by remote for the focus lost(Support DVD Menu).
(5)Issue of set primary eye on watch 3D video(Change eyesview to Right eye first).
(6)Some MVC MKV have not be identified rightly as MVC format.
(7)Videoplayer failed to exit when a error occurred in the meantime play mode set as single cycle.

(1)A Color Mode Space setting added.(RGB 444,YUV444,YUV422,YUV420)
(2)Set CEC language function Off as a default setting
(3)Compatibility of playback improved.
(4)IOS 10 supported in airplay and air mirror.

(1)Stability of OPENWRT system improved.

(1)3D to 2D function added.
(2)The default value of character encoding of external subtitle’s will be saved after power off.
(3)The speed of loading of video improved significantly.
(4)25fps and 50fps added in the switch of frame rates.
(5)The bookmark closed as default.
(6)The bookmark popup cancelled.

BTW:About the basic picture control function still have some problem.Will be release it in v1.2.5

Mediafire mirror:http://www.mediafire.com/file/1fp0kj28088okwp/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.4.zip
Amazon mirror:http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/X9S/OTA/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.4.zip

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9S V1.2.3   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 22-09-2016

Hướng dẫn cập nhật Firmware ZIDOO X9S xem tại đâyhttp://www.zidoo.vn/huong-dan-ky-thuat/huong-dan-cap-nhat-firmware-cho-android-tv-box-zidoo-x9s


Model: ZIDOO_X9S

Version: v1.2.3




(1)Connection failed by VPN.

(2)Some playback appears noise when the PCM output is selected.

(3)Some WAV audio files appear noise.

(4)No sound when some few MKV videos playing.

(5)Some online video Stuttering.

(6)Some ANR(Application No Response) issues.

2.VideoPlayer application

(1)Turkish can’t be set as default language in subtitle.

(2)The wrong black border on both sides of 3D movie

(3)Wrong translation

3.Filemanager application

(1)Some items disappear in the page-view of SAMBA scanning.

(2)SD card is shown as U-disk.

(3)Loading bar of NFS will not be shown after execute SAMBA scanning.

(4)APP exit abnormally when SAMBA scanning.

(5)APP exit abnormally when using a mouse.

(6)Fail to exit from SAMBA device if network interrupted.

(7)APP exit abnormally when some animation appear.

(8)Symbol of favorite of file/directory doesn’t display.

(9)Sometimes APP exit abnormally when get the device identifier.

4.HDMI IN application

(1)Slight shake of recorded video picture.

5.Theater application

(1)Default picture don’t display in search interface.

(2)Fail to identify when the name of added file is same with name of device.

(3)Fail to save the video that finded by scan in some cases.

6.RC application

(1)Error message when network interrupted.

7.ZDMC application

(1)Blurred screen when some HEVC 4K 10BIT videos playing.

(2)Play video with external player support SMB and NFS.(Enable “Settings — video — playback –play video with external palyer” on ZDMC.)



(1)Optimized the process of NFS mounting.

(2)Optimized the video decoding.

(3)Made the system more stable.

2.VideoPlayer application

(1)Subtitle dialog disappear if download cancelled

(2)Add on-off for bookmarks.

3.Filemanager application

(1)UI improved.

(2)Resource management improved.

(3)List control improved.

(4)Keep SAMBA and NFS alive in background when exit the filemanager in order to not affect the other APP that using SAMBA and NFS.

(5)Handled the situation of network interrupt of remote device.

4.HDMI IN application

(1)Setting record frame as 30fps when the incoming video is 60fps,and 25fps when the incoming video is 50fps.

(2)Broadcast function improved.

5.Theater application

(1)UI improved.

(2)Optimized the process of scanning.

(3)Allow to add NFS videos to theater repository.

(4)Merge the videos which have the same information.



Mediafire mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jj5629frttsh8bp/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.3.zip

Amazon mirror: http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/X9S/OTA/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.2.3.zip

MD5: 6e912be2512027a91019126e70c0141f


FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9S V1.1.26   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 10-09-2016

Hướng dẫn cập nhật Firmware ZIDOO X9S xem tại đâyhttp://www.zidoo.vn/huong-dan-ky-thuat/huong-dan-cap-nhat-firmware-cho-android-tv-box-zidoo-x9s


Model: ZIDOO_X9S

Version: v1.1.26



1. Some 4k vp9 videos show no picture when playback.

2. ANR problem occasionally happens when playback.

3. Connection failed when there are special characters in SSID of WIFI.

4. TV get no signal when deep color switched to 10bit or 12bit.

5. Time of chapters are inaccuracy in some BD movies.

6. Picture flutter when there are some special video signals in HDMI IN stream.

7. Low probability of ANR problem when recording via HDMI in.


1. Compatibility of HDR movie improved

2. Weather app optimized.

3. Filemanager optimized.

4. User guide app optimized.

App upgrade

Native player:

1. Add the search capability for download the subtitle.

2. Adjust the position of the subtitle.

3. Allow to change the character encoding of subtitle.

4. Set the default aspect ratio as “fit”-original.

5. Allow to clean up the downloaded subtitles.

HDMI IN app:

1. Restart the stream server if the network reconnected.

2. Give a hint if record failed.

3. Stop record when only 100M storage left.



Amazon Mirror: http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/X9S/OTA/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.1.26.zip

Mediafire Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/download/falnn8x3plmgmsm/ZIDOO_X9S_OTA_v1.1.26.zip

MD5: 609b43bbb57703f12c4b2ef1e0264b3f