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Update list:
1. Add navigation bar.
2.It will occur the BT icon on main UI, after connecting BT.
3.Add support of Turkish.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.3.8   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 22-08-2015

Update list:

1.Added appsgo application market, there are more download channels for applications.

2.Optimized the loading of external subtitles for BDMV format.

3.Update the google play version.

4.Optimized the network speed to access 2.4g/5.8g WIFI.

5.Optimized the compatibility of dtses audio.

6.Optimized the decoding of local player.

7.Improved the compatibility of APE audio format.

8.Optimized the speed of accessing network resources with Explorer.

9.Fixed the probabilistic problem of WIFI couldn’t access to data.

10.Fixed the probabilistic problem of desktop loses focus.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.3.6   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 29-07-2015

Update list:

1. Optimize pip, solve the problem that display abnormal after switching the resolution.

2. Solved the problem that Zidoo NAS service could not be activated.

3. Added save subtitle coding function for player.

4. Optimized the player can be loaded by default with the same name subtitle.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.3.5   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 28-09-2015

Update system

1. Added the PIP function, You can press the TV button on the IR remote to open it.

2. Optimized the compatibility of audio.



1. Solved the problem that audio menu displayed error. (For example, when you play the first video and switch to the second audio track, then play another video, the result shows it plays with the first audio track, and it’s the second actually.)

2. Removed the hints of optional between feature and tidbit, when playing BDMV and ISO files.

3. Changed the OSD Timeout from 3s to 6s in the connection play of hints menu.

4. Changed “Turkey” into “Turkish” in the subtitles.


File Manager

1. Added the prompt optional of whether pop-up the USB device.

2. Solved the problem that clicked on the filter with failure.

3. Solved the problem that occurred white screen when entering LAN-> play video-> HOME-> return application.

4. Removed the prompts of delete or paste when completed successfully.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.3.3   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 10-06-2015

Update list:

1. Add support with 1080P24.

2. Add support with eac3 for audio.

3. Modified the problem that audio is out of sync when HDMI IN recording files with mp4 format.

4. Add the coding support of Turkish on the video player.

5. Add support of subtitle in yellow color on the video player.

6. Pre- install Aptoide app.

7. Optimized Googleplay, update the APKs, including store and service, etc.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.3.1   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 30-05-2015

Update list:


1.Optimized Googleplay.

2.Increase the support of Google TV remote control.

3.Fixed the problem that Zidoo RC stops running.

4.Add the output of 4k2k_24hz.



1.Solved the problem that will stop recording automatically when the recorded file is more than 1.9G with the MP4 format, optimized to save the current recorded file automatically and automatically create a new file to go on recording.

2.It will pop-up prompts when the storage is less than 100M, it will save the recorded files and stop recording automatically when the space is less than 50M.

3.During recording, it can continue to record when the HDMI Input signal interrupts within 1min.



1.Optimized the function of breakpoint play.

2.Add support of Simplified Chinese coding in the subtitles.

3.Optimized the display problem that controls menu when playing.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.2.9   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 28-04-2015

Update list: 1. Fixed the problem that wifi can’t search the 5G signal for 36/40/44/48 channels. 2. It will not scan the Samba path when music player scans music files automatically. 3. It will not scan the Samba path when picture manager scans picture files automatically. 4. The user name and password can be record by Samba. 5. Added new function that can set new show or not show the hidden files. 6. Added new function that sorting files according to their sizes and types. 7. Added new setting whether pop-up prompts when connected to the USB. 8. Added new setting that the display mode of Samba according to its address or host name. 9. There will be no extra hints after pull out USB when unload. 10.It will not search automatically any longer next time, when user had a SMB equipment. 11.Fixed the problems that the position of scroll bar isn’t correct when refresh the list, it can paste the file without suffix,it will has an emergency stop when files are in the same name. 12.In OTA application, adding the button for entering recovery interface. 13.In OTA application, modified the cues when the OTA network had error. 14.Modified the recording interface and the writing style. 15.Modified the prompt icon when deleted recording files on the recorder interface. 16.Modified the RC interface of mobile phone. 17.Adding support for multiple applications in Vietnamese. 18.To speed up the recovery backup and recovery. 19.Added the backup of system partition in the recovery. 20.Added the saving function on the subtitles plugin setting. 21.Added the optional function between feature and tidbit on blu-ray disc. 22.Fixed the problem of proportion display on the local video. 23.Added support of Thai coding. 24.Fixed the problem that recovery part couldn’t update on the OTA upgrade. 25.Update XBMC with 14.1 version, it can call native player to play local video directly. 26.Remove Mcast apk.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.2.8   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 21-03-2015

update list: System 1. Solved the problem that system settings without response when opening WIFI switch in the system settings. 2. Adding the shortcut option on [16:9] of RC, to remove the options of ZOOM1 and ZOOM2. 3. On the settings, the default is opening WIFI switch when boot. 4. The default is closing the validation to remind of Googleplay, when installing APK. 5. Remove the application GoogleMap on built-in. 6. Adding the function of pressing UP or DOWN to close the application process, when it’s in a multitasking management interface. Recording 1. Optimized recording, solved the problem that VLC can’t display, video and audio are out of sync, when recording the file with TS format. 2. Solved the problem that didn’t completely show when recorded multiple paths. 3. Adding the function that it can record directly to the share files on SAMBA (ensure that have the write permissions on the shared SMB account, and it can log in access in the Explorer) File Manager 1. Optimized the access function of SMB, the host address can display user name. 2. Adding the uninstall function of external storage. 3. Adding the prompt function of function info. 4. Fixed the problem that applications without response when visiting hardware. 5. Adding the function that can add SAMBA through host name. 6. Fixed the problem that there is no response when clicking NFS with mouse. Clean up 1. Fixed the marked words on applications 2. Optimized the clear content Image Manager 1. Adding prompt function when there is no image on the system. 2. Optimized the scanning speed of image. 3. Optimized the memory problem. ZIDOO RC 1. Fixed the problem that application without network will error. Video Player 1. Solved the error problem that some audio coding display on video info. 2. Kept the proportion consistent between the video switch and remote control button. 3. The application won’t go wrong when selecting idx+sub. 4. The application UI won’t go wrong when focus on the idx+sub. 5. The application UI won’t go wrong when the focus adjust time progress bar on the idx+sub. 6. Adding the function of the first letter to capital on the options of subtitles interval. 7. It can scan forward or back to play video with other format, after playing ISO/BDMV video. 8. The application won’t go wrong when selecting encoding on individual sub. 9. It won’t go wrong when displaying the original proportion of video.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X9 V1.0.2.7   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 08-03-2015

System Update: Add the recovery function, press the recovery key to boot. If can’t find MstarUpgrade.bin in USB DISK, enter into the interface of recovery. Change the color of the recovery interface. The backup menu on the interface of recovery, only backup user data and tv data. Zidoo RC >> Add the remote control of Android mobile phone, easier operation, support a variety of operation ways. The choices of operation: button code/ handle code/ mouse code/ gestures code. Add the management APP of cell phone. Add the function of screenshots. Zidoo UI Add the icon of redraw. Modify the problem of returning to setting interface according to the menu. Optimize the flash move. Video Player Solve the problem of subtitle gibberish, adding the switch function of subtitle encoding. Add the codes of identification subtitles automatically. Add the movement function on the basis of units on the location of subtitle. There won’t be any mistake while the screen scaling and choosing the Default. File >> The new UI, more intuitive experience, more easier and quicker operation ways, smoother running. New functions: Add the create file/folder function. Add the multiple choices function, operating multiple files simultaneously. Add the function of view to switch: let list/ network work by yourself. Add the function of page turning, for finding files faster. Add the function of show ways while screening, change the screen way whenever you want, operating by yourself. Add the route function, and you can operate with mouse, keeping the current location at anytime. Add the function of file details shown, making the information (modified time/ type/size,etc.)clearer. Add the manual search function of SAMBA and NFS. Add the adding function for SAMBA, don’t worry to search no device. Add the logout/ delete function for SAMBA, removing traces more convenient. Add the pop-up function while inserting an external storage device. Add the anonymous logon function for users. Add pop-up function for repeat file name/out of free space,when paste file. Speed up start-up, for entering apps faster. Improve the main UI, for all the operation clear, no more red tapes to switch interface. Improve the searching way of SMB, for searching more precise. Optimize entirely the support of mouse operating, for operating more simple.