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change list:
1: add ZDMC(base on koid 16.1), improvement the passthrough of zdmc, support DTS HD, TRUE HD, etc.
2: improvement the NTP service, get time more faster from the network.
3: upgrade google play store, use the new version.
4:Optimized memory management

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X5 V1.0.10   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 02-02-2016

change list:
1: fix google play cann’t connect bug. if you only could see the game list in google play, please do factory reset to clean cache.
2: improve the audio sync for passthrough in kodi.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X5 V1.0.9   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 15-01-2016