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1: fix shotcut key problem — the blue key and red key open the same app.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.21   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 09-03-2016

Change list:
1: fix the back and home key could not correct in youtube;
2: improvement system to get network time from NTP.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.20   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 15-01-2016

Change list:
1: upgrade kodi to 15.2;
2: and the shortcut key audio track/stop/subtitle for kodi, and you can set it in shortcut apk;
3: upgrade the zidoorc;
4: optimization system.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.19   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 18-09-2015

Change list:

1: fix the video shutter when audio passthrough in kodi;

2: fix the ISO memory leek for kodi;

3: optimization system.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.18   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 29-08-2015

Change list:


1. Add zoom function for ZD Codec,you can set it through playback–>Display 4:3 videos as.

2. Optimized codec for some time shutter.



1. Add the auto power off function, and you can set it when press the power key.

2. Update easycast, eliminating the occupancy of the 5050 port.

3. Optimize system level performance.

4. Repair some special cases caused by DDR without starting.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.17   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 08-12-2015

Change list:


1.Fixed not enough smoothly problem of network video, such as Youtube online video

2.Fixed not enough smoothly problem of some video that are in samba and other network storage disk

3.Enhanced support for VC1 video format

4.Solved black screen problem for large resolution(>480p) WMV3 format video

5.Improved video rendering efficiency, and other bugs



1.The navigation bar is hidden by default

2.Fixed incompletely close problem of HDMI CEC

3.Fixed didn’t boot due to DRM under some circumstances

4.Fixed IR Remote Contorller doesn’t work under some circumstances



1.Added application market for appsgo

2.System apk is full-screen Warning:If you install other version of kodi, you should uninstall the kodi first, Otherwise you will not update the latest version of Kodi.For video more smoothly,you should open ZDCodec.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.16   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 29-07-2015

X1 update list(h3_v1.0.16):


1.Fixed the style of navigation bar, changed into hiding the navigation bar manually.

2.Fixed the problem of cover input box when opening the input method.

3.Fixed some apps have no navigation bar.

4.Fixed some apps can’t fullscreen.

5.Fixed notification icons are far too large.

6.Added the switch of keypad tone.

7.Fixed problem that VPN can’t connect.

8.Fixed some sdcard can’t update fireware.


Video Player

1.Fixed the 24Hz switch default close in interal player.

2.Saved audio track setting.

3.Saved subtitle setting.

4.Repaired the problem of when there is bilingual subtitles, subtitle display in the upper left corner.

5.Added test tips when closing subtitles.

6.Set English as the default language.


File manager

1.Repaired problem that it can’t cut between the recovery storage devices

2.Fixed the error problems of translation

3.Solved the click failure problem of screening bar



1.Fixed setting has Bluetooth button when plug in a USB Bluetooth dongle.



1.Fixed the debug display error with dropped frames.



1.Fixed the application name as ZIUI Simple

2.Fixed the problem of Vietnamese words lost

3.Repaired the error problem of translation



1.To connect devices automatically when entering apps

2.Repaired some insensitive bottons

3.Repaired the problem that when it’s mouse code, the mouse can’t move to the bottom


USB installation

1.Fixed English as the default language


Easy cast

1.Repaired the app error problem when changing the device name.

FIRMWARE ZIDOO X1 V1.0.15   |   NGÀY CẬP NHẬT: 10-07-2015

Update List:


1.Add the entrance of system settings,can find the Setting ICON among all the applications;

2.Add root function;

3.Add Supersu.apk;

4.Add the closing process prompt of multitasking bar;

5.Add the function of USB installation, to achieve installation all app in USB DISK with one button;

6.Modified shortcut function, to make it faster;

7.Modified zdrepo, let it shows the webpage path;

8.Optimized the fluency of system.



1.Modified the problem that it would not lose some Vietnamese words.



1.Optimized the switch function of 24Hz.



1.Fixed it would get black screen in some case;

2.Fixed it would not smooth in some case;

3.Add the function all of frame rate can switch automatically;

4.Changed the default font is arial.